Give Me Tough Questions for 2009

by Matthew Raley

"The Ideologists," by Max Beckmann, 1919, Museum of Modern Art
"The Ideologists," by Max Beckmann, 1919, Museum of Modern Art

I am gathering topics for Tough Questions 2009, the annual sermon series in which the community tells me what to preach. This year, the term “community” embraces the blogosphere.

In the comments to this post, leave any question about morality, politics, spirituality, or culture related to Christianity, and I will choose six to answer. The best questions are precisely worded, and come in complete English sentences. (Yes, that has been a problem.) For a collection of last year’s topics, click here.

The series will begin August 9. If you’re not anywhere close to the Evangelical Free Church of Orland, CA, or in any case have no inclination to go there, the audio will be available here at Tritone Life.


One thought on “Give Me Tough Questions for 2009

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  1. Hi Matt,

    I don’t know if this is necessarily a “tough” question. However, it is one that constantly plagues me. So here goes…

    What is the legitimate place of beauty in the Christian life?

    Follow-up questions include:

    What are some specific and practical means by which our appreciation of beauty (in art, music, architecture, literature, film, etc…) can be used for God’s glory?

    How do we keep our appreciation of beauty from descending into little more than a “cultured” form of self-gratification?

    God bless,

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