News Story on Lydia Schatz and the Pearls

by Matthew Raley

Here is a link to a local Action News special report in which I participated. “For the Children’s Sake” addresses the parenting teachings of Michael Pearl in relation to the Schatz family. Many thanks to the news team for running this story!


7 thoughts on “News Story on Lydia Schatz and the Pearls

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  1. I appreciated the part of the interview with you that they included. I assume there was much more you said, and yet the bit they included summed things up very well.

  2. Thanks Linda and TG for all you’re doing! I was pretty happy with how the coverage came out, especially for a general audience.

  3. Where did the video go? I cannot find it anywhere on the News site now. Are Channel 12 and channel 24 owned by the same group because the same contact information and the same site design are on both when you go there. All the same news stories are posted on both so I was wondering if there is any other news outlets out there or is there a monopoly out there so that news is just a personality contest.

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