Chico Grace Brethren

The iGod and the Real God
Ephesians 5:15-18
Matthew Raley (9-9-12)

The best symbol of American spirituality today may be the iPod.  You load it up with whatever you need to reach ecstasy.  You make sure that your lists cover all your moods.  You put the ear buds in and dance like no one’s looking.

Spirituality for us usually means pushing the drab world of responsibilities away, plugging into passion, and living in a Selfscape, an inner world where you see only what you want to see.  In this spirituality, God is customizable.  His driving purpose is to encourage you.

The American religion is personal fulfillment.  And evangelicals wholeheartedly embrace it.  We worship the iGod too.

Today we will be studying words from Ephesians which are a universe away from iGod spirituality.  These words contain commands.  Paul used words like wise and unwise.  He says  that “the days are…

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