Audio: How the Real God Looks

Chico Grace Brethren

The iGod and the Real God
Isaiah 6:1-8
Matthew Raley (9-16-12)

In the consumer mindset, personal fulfillment is the ultimate goal.  In order to achieve their goal, consumers need a God they can relate to.  They want a God into whose embrace they can escape and find new vitality.

We’re calling this consumer invention the iGod.  We’re asking two questions.  First, what if this iGod is not real, but an idol of your own invention?  Second, how can you engage the real God?  We are searching for the alternative fulfillment that is taught in the Bible.

In today’s message we will look at the example of a man who encountered the real God.  We will see where Isaiah was coming from, what he saw, and how he reacted.  We will also see the real God’s response to Isaiah.

Audio: Sermon, September 16, 2012

Audio: Q&A, September 16, 2012

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