Audio: Break the Worship Trance

Chico Grace Brethren

The iGod and the Real God
Ephesians 5:19-20
Matthew Raley (9-30-12)

Over the last several weeks we have been discussing the effects of the consumer mindset on American evangelicalism.  We have seen that the consumer is focused on personal fulfillment. His priority is to recharge passion, to find ecstasy. This requires him to escape limits, to gain release from whatever drags him down. His ultimate escape often comes in the form of music.

As consumerism has taken over churches and personal fulfillment has become our religion, having the right music has become critical.  Churches often spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to put consumers in the right mood.  People associate this mood with worship: “When they play that kind of music, then I can really worship.”  Churches have learned that if they can get consumers into this mood, the consumers will come back.

I refer to this ecstasy…

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  1. The phenomena that I have noticed regarding church music is that the ‘worship team’ is often comprised of people who want to make a statement of their abilities, talent, musical skills. Then the competition starts among the worship team members to have equal time ‘on stage.’ And then everything is about the music and not about honoring God. Over the past few years, I have concluded that it may be best to simply have no music given that it is so misused. God’ word alone is music to one’s ears.


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