Audio for Sunday’s sermon

Chico Grace Brethren

The iGod and the Real God
Psalm 135
Matthew Raley (10-28-12)

One of the key lessons we have been learning in this series is that, unlike listening to an iPod, worship is not an escape from life.  We can’t retreat deeper into our own heads, conjure the emotions we want, and expect to find God there.  Worship is serving God by reengaging  life, getting out of our own heads and dealing with God as he actually is.  Emotional fulfillment, as taught by the Bible, comes from participating with others in this service.

We see God as he is by studying the Bible.  We interact with him through prayer, and we reconcile with him through confession in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ.  Each week we set aside time to do these things together, using music to fill our hearts with truth.  All of these aspects of worship are acts…

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