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In more than twenty years as a pastor, three things still ignite my passion. I love spending time with people in the Bible, connecting people across cultural boundaries in Jesus Christ, and developing artists to express God’s glory.

I graduated in May 2017 with my Ph.D. from Southern Seminary in Louisville, KY. My work is at the intersections of philosophy, theology, and the arts. I’m also a violinist. I play with the North State Symphony, a regional orchestra, and in chamber music festivals.

For the last six years, I’ve been serving at Chico Grace Brethren in northern California. We are rebuilding ministry at every level, developing new approaches in all sorts of areas from children to how we celebrate Advent. We are diverse in age, ethnicity, political views, and economic status. But we are one in Christ.

My wife Bridget and I have two boys, one who loves making video games, the other who loves archery and swords.

My first novel, Fallen, was published by Kregel in 2008. My first non-fiction book, which Kregel released in 2009, is called The Diversity Culture.

I am available for speaking engagements. You can contact me at raleymatthew@gmail.com.


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  1. Congraulation on your new book. As director of Western Seminary Alumni we would be happy to feature your newwst book as well as a reminder of your fiction you wrote earlier. Any personal comments or notes of value to properly introduce the readers through Western’s blog would be appreciated.

  2. Matt: Through a real chain of events that would take far too long to go into; we met one of your young men believe Dan G. is involved with ministry with you. Our daughter Jeri baby sat for your folks when you were a little guy??? We went to EV Free when Bucky Buchanan was there (time flies when we are having fun) Jeri could not believe your were old enough (smile) to be preaching. Well nuff of that God Bless and will put you on our prayer list…Jeri became a widow some four years ago and now back home with us and we love it she never had children (which she has always adored) We also enjoyed your article or sermon regarding Pearls, coach has spent time being really concerned about such ministries and theShatz(spelling) had been going to a fellowship here in Chico Celebration Fellowship and Pete Reginelli has asked us to pray for this family as many lives are involved…God Bless again

  3. Matt, I’m so pleased to see your new book topic. I read and was carried through FALLEN, grateful for your perception of the angst and pitfalls in our culture–not really new, of course. We are so grateful at Shasta Bible College, Redding, for your willingness to help us with a benefit concert Friday, April 13, 7 PM with a pre-concert lecture at 6:30 on “The Arts and Ministry.” We’re truly excited about your coming. Thanks so much for fitting it into your schedule. Sincerely, Regina Hoff, Music Faculty

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