The Emperor and the Newborn

Luke 2.1-7 takes us from the most powerful man in the world to an infant in a cave. That's a pretty stark contrast in a single paragraph. On Sunday, we'll see some of the reasons why Luke tells the story of Christ's birth this way.


3 Lessons Learned From Harold Camping

by Matthew Raley Let's make that, "Lessons Camping has taught inadvertently." 1. An interpreter of the Bible has to exhibit sound reasoning. Camping consistently appeals to what he calls the "spiritual" meaning of the text. There's what a passage says, and then there's a secret code in it that contains what God really meant. You... Continue Reading →

The Cosmic Vending Machine

by Matthew Raley Americans, pragmatic as they are about everything, tend to evaluate God the same way they evaluate their congressman: What have you done for me lately? There shouldn't be any question on God's part about whether to keep our blessings coming: the financial windfall, the narrow escape from an accident, robust health, and... Continue Reading →

This ALWAYS Happens To Me!

by Matthew Raley Bitterness is a conviction that your life is filled with unfairness. It is one of the most common spiritual conditions I come across, and it is debilitating. Here are some characteristics of bitterness that I've noticed in myself and others. 1. Bitterness is a story. When someone expresses his bitterness, it has... Continue Reading →

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