Book Review: Carson’s Call for Spiritual Reformation

by Matthew Raley D. A. Carson. A Call to Spiritual Reformation: Priorities from Paul and his Prayers. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2011. D. A. Carson’s enriching book is more than a manifesto for revival. It is a searching meditation on the imperative, the power, and the generative attitudes of prayer. First published in 1992, the book... Continue Reading →


Interacting With “Love Wins”

by Matthew Raley The publication of Rob Bell's Love Wins marks the acceptance of emergent Christianity by the American mainstream. Bell has been featured in a Time cover story, and is now a reference point for all sorts of popular spiritual writing. The pantheon of the American empire now includes Bell's Jesus. Over several posts,... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Colors of God

by Matthew Raley Congregational life among evangelicals is changing across the United States and Canada. For several decades, innovators have been challenging the way churches worship, preach, and structure themselves. The new book, Colors of God: Conversations About Being the Church, is another perspective that seeks to be innovative. The list of problems in churches... Continue Reading →

Books: “Through the River” by Jon and Mindy Hirst

Through The River: Understanding Your Assumptions About Truth Jon and Mindy Hirst, with Dr. Paul Hiebert Colorado Springs: Authentic Books, 2009, 201 pp. by Matthew Raley This short book on epistemology will be useful to its intended audience, and, as with any book, potentially frustrating to others. I take the intended audience to be evangelicals... Continue Reading →

Books: A Lover’s Quarrel With the Evangelical Church

A Lover's Quarrel With the Evangelical Church Warren Cole Smith (Colorado Springs: Authentic Publishing, 2009) 265 pp. by Matthew Raley Warren Cole Smith has written an indispensable book. I believe he diagnoses the sicknesses of evangelicalism correctly, and he does so in detail, sparing the reader none of the gravity or complexity. A Lover’s Quarrel... Continue Reading →

Books: Christ In Y’all, by Neil Carter

Christ In Y'all: Following Jesus into Community Neil Carter (Ekklesia Press, 2008, 196 pp) by Matthew Raley In our crisis of identity as American evangelicals, we are several decades into a period of radical (root-seeking) experiments with local church life. Fellow believers are heading in many directions seeking community. The church growth movement has fostered... Continue Reading →

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