Family Radio Trying To Move On

by Matthew Raley While Harold Camping's teaching increasingly resembles Monty Python's "Dead Parrot" sketch, Family Radio (FR), the ministry that Camping leads, is averting its eyes. According to the Christian Post, longtime FR employee Matt Tuter is saying that the ministry has more to offer than its #1 show. "Family Radio is a fine ministry.... Continue Reading →

Harold Camping Actually Makes Another Prediction

by Matthew Raley According to the Christian Post, Harold Camping made a statement this evening that the end of the world will come in five months. He admitted being wrong about the rapture, but insisted that "judgment day" did indeed come on May 21st, as he had predicted. Apparently the judgment was a "spiritual" event.... Continue Reading →

Blood-Thirsty Thoughts On Bin Laden and Justice

by Matthew Raley The killing of Osama bin Laden is being hailed as a thrilling feat of heroism. We are witnessing a rare outburst of vindictive jubilation that has swept young and old, rich and poor, Republican and Democrat -- that, indeed, has revived talk of national unity. Justice, we feel, has concretely been done.... Continue Reading →

The Pantheon’s Embrace

by Matthew Raley The Romans achieved cultural durability not through military force, but through the embrace of every god in their empire. They appropriated Greek culture wholesale, and affirmed the other traditions they conquered. While their broad piety was generous toward foreign gods, the generosity was motivated by shrewdness. If a conquered city could keep... Continue Reading →

The Cosmic Vending Machine

by Matthew Raley Americans, pragmatic as they are about everything, tend to evaluate God the same way they evaluate their congressman: What have you done for me lately? There shouldn't be any question on God's part about whether to keep our blessings coming: the financial windfall, the narrow escape from an accident, robust health, and... Continue Reading →

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