“Bach Plays Loud” by Christopher Raley

Bach plays loud above a-rhythmic freeway groans and jerk and gun shifts of shiny metal hulls, coffee in paper cups, sleep edged with thought, bodies within bodies, slaves of slaves. Pop-rock plays sedation when florescents buzz and black phones swarm like angry bees spinning aggression from hive instinct. The office man yawns, the office girl... Continue Reading →

“Jazz Is the Jagged Edge” by Christopher Raley

Jazz is the jagged edge, so give me the beautiful cloth, not for edges or beauties but for threads making patterns whose colors interplay to the cut-off sharp. Building sweetly is rarely heard, so give me dissonance that punctures the dream ahead we make when behind is blind. Hardly ever we see fully into either,... Continue Reading →

“In Another Season” By Christopher Raley

South wind shivers the leaves an anxious relief from summer's heat, and the moon fights a thin cover that might, in another season, be a storm. Bushes groan laments against the splintered fence, and grass blades whisper a chatter so quiet you get closely and do not hear it. The man wants sleep but wonders:... Continue Reading →

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